👋 Hey, I'm Laurent. People online call me Strift.

I offer consulting services in esports, web development, and developer relations.

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Sunset in Reunion Island
2023 in 12 pictures.
Storybook + Nuxt
How to setup Storybook for Nuxt 3 and Vite
Learn to configure Storybook 7 to work with Nuxt 3, Vite, and TypeScript.
League of Legends Worlds Championship Cup
Why League of Legends needs to step up its data game
Lack of data access is hindering the growth of analytics. But some companies are working on tackling this issue.
Evan You at the Vue Amsterdam 2022 conference
State of Vue 2022: Amsterdam recap
Everything you need to know about Evan You's State of the Vuenion talk at Vue Amsterdam.
A computer with a black screen
How To Display TwicPics Images When Working Offline With Nuxt.js
A guide detailing the usage of a wrapper component to default to local images when working offline.
A computer displaying a code editor
Optimizing Side-Projects Costs With Serverless and the Jamstack
How I'm using the Jamstack to minimize monthly fees and optimize for time spent shipping features.
A French flag
Three Things To Fit Healthy Habits in Your Gamer Lifestyle
There's a reason why esports pros start each day by hitting the gym. And it all starts with awareness.
Someone watching at a computer screen at night
Revenge Bedtime Procrastination Is F**king Up Your Sleep Schedule
Pursuing revenge is often deemed self-destructive. Guess what? Revenge bedtime procrastination is no different.
A world map made with RPG maker
Video Games Were My Creative Hobby
The story of how a niche game development software called RPG Maker changed my life.
Illustration with the title "Get ready for the VCT Champions with PandaScore Valorant post-game stats"
Get ready for the VCT Champions with PandaScore Valorant post-game stats
Discover what you can build with the PandaScore Valorant stats API.
Firebase functions
Testing Firebase Functions with the emulators suite
How to use the Firebase emulators suite to test your serverless Functions.
Illustration with the title "Shut the ph**e up!"
Shut the ph**e up!
How often do you find yourself scrolling on your phone and be like, "Wtf am I doing exactly?"
A train in the mist
Can I really do this?
I have a pretty big fear of failure. So I'm trying things to go beyond that and take action. Maybe this could help you too.
Illustration with the title "Handling schema evolution with Cloud Firestore"
Handling schema evolution with Cloud Firestore
Migrations are great to version database schema and maintain integrity. But what if you're running on Firebase?
Illustration with the title "Quit reading"
Quit reading
I often found friends feeling bad for not reading as much as others. That's okay. Reading is not the end goal.
A French flag
« Arrête de parler franglais ! »
Comment mon intérêt pour le gaming et l'IT m'a mené à être incapable de faire une phrase en français. 🤦
Players fighting against Onyxia, a WoW raid boss
Launching a recruitment platform for Classic guilds
Recruitment never stops when you're running a Classic guild. I created an app to help guild leaders recruit new members.
Notebook and a pen
My commitment to writing
I want to build a writing habit, so I will try to publish regularly to increase my accountability. Here's why I decided to pick up a pen again.
Screenshot of Raid-Helper
Organiser ses raids avec Raid-Helper
Notre guide pour organiser au mieux vos raids WoW Classic grâce au bot Discord Raid-Helper.
Illustration with the title "Un air de déjà vu ?"
Un air de déjà vu ?
Illustration with the title "Playoffs LCK : cap sur le round 1"
Playoffs LCK : cap sur le round 1
Illustration with the title "Rift Rivals 2018 : la voie Royal"
Rift Rivals 2018 : la voie Royal
Illustration with the title "Madlife prend sa retraite"
Madlife prend sa retraite
Illustration with the title "LCK 2018 : preview du Summer Split"
LCK 2018 : preview du Summer Split
Illustration with the title "Le dragon face aux loups"
Le dragon face aux loups
Illustration with the title "Play-In du MSI, à table !"
Play-In du MSI, à table !
Illustration with the title "Rox Tigers, millésime 2016"
Rox Tigers, millésime 2016
Illustration with the title "Pas de carry pour Huni"
Pas de carry pour Huni
Illustration with the title "Retour à Paris : MSI 2018"
Retour à Paris : MSI 2018
Illustration with the title "NALCS Spring playoffs : les joueurs à suivre"
NALCS Spring playoffs : les joueurs à suivre
Illustration with the title "EU LCS : comment se portent nos Frenchies ?"
EU LCS : comment se portent nos Frenchies ?
Overwatch player Pine
Overwatch League highlights: Pine's McCree
Highlighting the player-hero pairs from stage one that have been the most memorable. In this edition: Pine's McCree.
Overwatch player Fleta
Overwatch League highlights: Fleta's Pharah
Highlighting the player-hero pairs from stage one that have been the most memorable. In this edition: Fleta's Pharah.
Illustration with the title "LoL Open Tour: Cap sur la Lyon Esport"
LoL Open Tour: Cap sur la Lyon Esport
Illustration with the title "Intersaison 2017 : le recrutement"
Intersaison 2017 : le recrutement
Illustration with the title "L'Overwatch League dans les starting blocks"
L'Overwatch League dans les starting blocks
Illustration with the title "Journal de bord : SKT vs RNG"
Journal de bord : SKT vs RNG
Illustration with the title "Bilan doux-amer pour l'occident"
Bilan doux-amer pour l'occident
Illustration with the title "Semaine 1 : faux espoir ou faux départ ?"
Semaine 1 : faux espoir ou faux départ ?
Illustration with the title "Worlds 2017 : focus sur Immortals"
Worlds 2017 : focus sur Immortals
Illustration with the title "Gauntlet NA : Cloud9 de retour"
Gauntlet NA : Cloud9 de retour
Illustration with the title "Demi-finales EU : entre surprise et habitude"
Demi-finales EU : entre surprise et habitude
Faces of EU LCS players in the style of Game of Thrones
Brace yourselves, EU LCS playoffs are coming!
After ten weeks of Summer Split regular season, six teams have succeeded in qualifying for playoffs. Those teams are now in the home stretch: the last chance to amass championship points and keep their hopes of qualifying for Worlds alive.
Illustration with the title "S'adapter au changement : le rôle du coach"
S'adapter au changement : le rôle du coach
Illustration with the title "PSG : mieux vaut tard que jamais"
PSG : mieux vaut tard que jamais
Illustration with the title "Fnatic de retour au sommet ?"
Fnatic de retour au sommet ?
Illustration with the title "MSI : la quête de la deuxième place ?"
MSI : la quête de la deuxième place ?
Illustration with the title "MSI 2017 : en route pour Rio"
MSI 2017 : en route pour Rio